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Vestry STatement

on Stewardship

"Give, and it will be given to you"
 Luke 6:38

Join us November 22nd for our Celebration of Giving! 

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Stewardship Statement of The Falls Church Episcopal

(passed by the Vestry at the October 22, 2020 Vestry Meeting)


In recognition of the church's tradition of calling us to work, pray, and give for the spread of God's

kingdom, all members of The Falls Church Episcopal are encouraged to develop a personal spiritual

discipline that includes the holy habits of tithing, daily personal prayer, life-long

Christian formation, serving others, Sabbath time, and weekly corporate worship.


We embrace a vision of stewardship through a joyful response to God's extravagant gifts; to confront fears of scarcity; and to empower the mission of Christ through gratitude and resilience leading to generous giving.


We commit to The Episcopal Church’s affirmation that the tithe (10% of our treasure) is the standard and goal, and commit ourselves prayerfully to working toward meeting or exceeding this goal, recognizing that our giving may include financial support for other ministries and organizations.


We encourage our members to consider proportional giving in which they recognize the proportion and percentage of their giving at this point in time and prayerfully work towards tithing as the goal.   We recognize that this is an intentional process and a goal to work towards joyfully and prayerfully. 


We also commit – as individuals and as the Body of Christ – to following the example of Jesus Christ by offering a portion of our time in service to others, by promoting justice and the dignity of every human being, and by being stewards of the earth.

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