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A Reflection For The Annual Giving Campaign

I am a cradle Episcopalian who grew up in a congregation that expected you to passively accept certain things as "just the way it is." Janet joined me in my faith, being baptized on the same Sunday as our first child and, I firmly believe, has a stronger faith than I. She helped me explore my own faith in a more serious way. We have found in THIS Falls Church Episcopal a warm, welcoming community...not just a congregation but a Family...that has allowed up to deepen our understanding of Christ and to express our own ways of reaching to through the choir, Janet through altar flowers. The Church Family has supported us, both spiritually and physically, through several difficult medical issues and we have tried to do the same for other members of the Family. All of this has continued for over ten years and is really a central part of our lives. Giving a pledge is a very small way of saying Thank You...and our gratitude really IS "just the way it is."

-Keith and Janet Powell

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