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Children & Youth Sunday

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

June 15, 2018

Reminder, this Sunday (June 17th) is our first* combined 10:00 amservice of the summer -- to be held in the Main Sanctuary.

Sunday is not only our annual "Children & Youth Sunday" but is also the Sunday we will honor and celebrate Nina Bacas' ministry among us and bid her farewell.

All along in her years of ministry here, Nina's approach to faith formation has involved engaging the imagination of our young people, supporting their unique God-given gifts, and incorporating them into all aspects of our faith community. In her programs, children and youth are valued theologians and active agents in our parish.

Sunday's service, with children and youth taking most of the leadership/presiding roles, reflects that full engagement and involvement.

In addition to honoring those who have served as volunteers in our congregation the past program year, we will recognize our graduates. Also, special presentations and gifts will be given to Nina during announcement time.

And, there is an ice-cream social as part of our coffee hour, following the service!

See you Sunday, 


*We continue our 10:00 combined summer worship service schedule (in the Historic Church) through Labor Day weekend (September 2).

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