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Come, Holy Spirit: do what you do best

June 7, 2019

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost in a combined 10:00 service in the Historic Church. 

As you know, Pentecost Sunday commemorates Holy Spirit landing upon and inspiring the early church.

While many modern-day Christians, perhaps especially Episcopalians, are somewhat mystified by Holy Spirit -- who Holy Spirit is and what Holy Spirit does -- one simple way to think about Holy Spirit is to remember that Jesus called Holy Spirit the "advocate."

You and I have an advocate. 

Actually, you and I have THE advocate: the comforter, the same animating Holy and Life-Giving Spirit who brooded over creation and who inspired the prophets and who alighted upon Jesus in the river Jordan in the form of a dove and upon the disciples gathered that first Pentecost in the form of wind and fire.

That same Holy and Life-Giving Spirit alights upon on us, individually and as a gathered church. 

And Holy Spirit continues to do what Holy Spirit does best: empower, enliven, animate, becalm, encourage, unify, nourish, and motivate us. 

So come, Holy Spirit, come.

Do what you do best: give us something which everyone hears in common, and something which each of us individually needs to hear.  

Amaze us. 

Shock us. 

In-spire us.

And most important of all, inspired by you, Holy Spirit, help those of us who have gone to church to BE THE CHURCH out in the world -- a world so hungry for your fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

See you Sunday, 


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