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Give thanks for the sure foundation

To our Friends at The Falls Church,

We have been attending The Falls Church Episcopal for about 3 years, and we are so happy to call TFCE our church home. Having a church home is important because it allows us to be who we are called to be and to worship in the way that God calls us to worship.

For Geoff, that means participating in a vibrant music program, singing with the Historic Church Choir. It is for him, as for his fellow choir members, an act of joyful worship. For Veronica, her background in arts management is of service on the Stewardship Committee. And for George, age 4, having a place to learn the songs and stories of the faith while still being able to belt out “Hosanna in the Highest’ at the top of his lungs during the Sanctus is also nothing short of an act of worship.

In return for our time, we receive, quite fundamentally, a place to call home. To worship, to sing, to serve, to make a joyful noise to the Lord. To be part of a family that also believes in the expression of our faith through song, praise, and good works. So during this Annual Giving Campaign, we pledge and give to the church because the church is the place, and the people, and the home, that enables us to worship our God.

~ Geoff, Veronica, and George Kannan

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