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Good Friday

April 19, 2019

Thank you to all who made yesterday's Maundy Thursday service project and last night's Maundy Thursday worship service so meaningful.  Today, Good Friday, we have two services:  5:30 pm: Children/family Good Friday Service (begins in the Main Sanctuary)  Children and their families gather for a special service when we tell the whole story of Holy Week. We use the space of the Main Sanctuary in creative ways to explore the Jesus' primary actions during the last week of his life - the cleansing of the Temple, the washing of his disciple's feet, the Last Supper, Jesus' crucifixion and death, his time in the tomb - ending with a hint of the hope that is to come. 7:30 pm: Proper Liturgy for Good Friday (Historic Church) This service features the traditional elements of the Good Friday service:  Passion NarrativeSolemn CollectsCommunion from the reserved sacramentDevotions before the crossand is made special and beautiful by featuring Taizé music. 

Taizé is an ecumenical monastery in France founded in 1940 by Roger Schütz. The brothers' fundamental focus on community is evident through their meditative musical prayers, which have spread throughout the world. Taizé songs are known for using just a few simple words, sung repeatedly.  If you are not able to attend Good Friday services at The Falls Church, you can observe it in other ways:  -Find an Episcopal Church near your place of work (here is a sample list of area Episcopal churches near many work areas, along with their addresses and Holy Week service times). 

-If you'll be out town, take a few minutes to do a web search and find a church near where you will be. Watch the National Cathedral's webcast of their Holy Week services.Read through our Holy Week leaflet (download here) as a spiritual resource.

About Holy Saturday:  Holy Saturday is a unique moment in the church year. It is the day on which Jesus is in the tomb, the day on which those who knew and loved him mourned him. At The Falls Church Episcopal, we observe Holy Saturday with a special service. All are most welcome, but the invitation is especially extended to those who have lost a loved one in the last year or so. We gather at 9:00 am at the Memorial Chapel (in the Church Yard) for a brief service of scripture, candle lighting, and prayer for those who have gone before us and for those who remember them. Faithfully yours,  John

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