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Sharing our Past with the Future

On Tuesday we were thrilled to welcome summer campers with the City of Falls Church Recreation and Parks for a tour of the Historic Church. Our historian and archivist, Joe Ewbank, along with myself met the children ranging from ages 9 to 12 to discuss this role The Falls Church played in the founding of the City and how things would’ve looked much different back in 1732. Joe shared the 4 elements of the Church which are original and date back to the Revolutionary War era and answered many questions from the budding historians. We also discussed the difficult past of the use of slavery in building the property as well as the key figures who's presence graced our parish.

Following the tour, Joe (who is also an avid organist and lover of church music), provided a short organ demonstration and shared how this mighty beast is an entire orchestra in one instrument. The kids were particularly delighted in touching a few of the keys and listening to all the sounds. The campers will complete their week of camp back at Cherry Hill Farm House with individual projects on the History behind The City of Falls Church. I'm grateful to Joe for his continued efforts at preserving our past and sharing the history of this fine parish with future generations.

Being central to the founding of this City is an asset that we should share more about with the larger community, even through small gestures like this. While the past has its dark moments, the present shows The Falls Church as a place of resilience and reminds us of just how far we have come as Episcopalians. Tours of the church is just another "touch point" to the faith we live.

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to take a tour with Joe, join him on the first Sunday of each month after the service. You won't be disappointed!

By Joel Wood

Parish Administrator and Communications Director

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