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Thanksgiving is a compound word

November 15, 2018

This Sunday -- the Celebration of Giving Sunday -- is one of my favorite events of the entire church year. As far as the energy it brings, it's right up there with the kickoff/Ministry Fair Sunday, Christmas, and Easter. 

Here are some of the reasons I love this Sunday so much: 

-It's a combined service, but unlike our summertime combined services, this one is right in the middle of the program year. 

-That means that right in the middle of the busy-ness and activity which happens at (and between) our different services most Sundays, we pause on this, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, to come together as one congregation, one church. 

-We come together as one church for one purpose: to pause and remember that "Thanksgiving" is about "giving thanks.

So instead of our normal Sunday, on this Sunday we give thanks to God in worship in a special Thanksgiving liturgy. 

And instead of our normal programming and coffee hours, on this Sunday we have a big potluck brunch following church, continuing to give thanks to God for sustaining our lives through the grain of the earth and the fruit of of the vine.

Also on this Sunday we wrap up our Annual Giving Campaign, asking everyone who has not yet turned a pledge card to do so now through this link, or through your account on Realm, or by bringing your card back to church this Sunday, as a way of turning our gratitude into generosity, giving back to God in thanksgiving a portion of what God has given us. 

See you Sunday -- at 10:00! 


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