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This Sunday launches new program year

September 6, 2019

Summer's over, and new Fall routines are in swing. With the resumption of the program year this Sunday, we jump back into our 9:00* and 11:15 service schedule, and Christian formation classes for all ages resume between services (10:20 to 11:00). If there's one constant in life, it's change, and with the start of a new program year, keen observers will notice a few changes beginning this Sunday. Most of those changes have to do with "simplifying, and focus," from the new format this e-news is coming to you in, to the way we welcome worshippers, to a renewed commitment to beginning services on time,* to providing hospitality (and easing traffic flow) before, during, and after both services' coffee hours, to the way we've renovated, refreshed, repainted, and repurposed our physical space (check out the way-finding signs for classrooms, and the old library). In addition, not so much a change, but a return, this Sunday it'll be our joy to welcome back Music Director Julie Tucker from her summer leave, as well as re-introduce Casie Disantis as our Ministry Coordinator. And next Sunday, Jason Norris, who joined us this summer as our new facilities manager, will be able to join us at both services and be introduced to those of you who haven't met him. Finally, a change in the way we are doing our "giving campaign." Rest assured, later in the Fall we'll still ask you to give generously of your finances to support your church. But this year we're starting our giving campaign by asking you to give your time and passion (or to indicate the ways you already are, so we can thank you!) Now is the time. HERE is a copy of the snail-mail letter sent this week, and HERE is an online (Google Form) version of that commitment card (it's super-simple! Fill it out!) Amidst all these changes and more, it's good to remember that, as the classic hymn goes, "the Church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord." That -- the Living Son of the Living God -- is the one and only solid foundation upon which we stand and build. Or to put that another way: God meets us exactly where we are. AND God challenges us to grow and change. See you Sunday, John

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