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Welcome All Wonders

Welcome All Wonders!

Welcome all wonders in one sight.  

Eternity shut in a span!  

Summer in winter, day in night, heaven in earth, and God in man.  

Great little one! Whose lowly birth lifts earth to heav’n, stoops heav’n to earth. 

The words of the English poet Richard Crashaw bid us to open our hearts to the beauty and wonder of God’s great love for us known because of Christmas. The incredible news is that when we can’t seem to get to God, God gets to us. Christ is Emmanuel, God with us. And this is news worth pondering and embracing for the next 12 Days of Christmas, and indeed in the New Year we also welcome.  

Tomorrow, in the candlelit beauty of our historic church, with music and flowers and words that touch the deep places of our lives, we are assured that earth is lifted to heaven, because heaven has come to us. The joy-filled energy and Holy Commotion of our Children’s Christmas Pageant also assures us of this message. Perhaps that is why Christmas services draw you and so many to this holy place year after year. Perhaps that is why so many people have told me through the years that these services speak to them the most. You and I need this message of hope and love. Our world needs this message of peace and unity. All need the beauty and wonder offered to us at Christmas. And so,with awe and wonder let us come and worship our God Incarnate.  

But with awe and wonder, let us welcome love into our lives each and every day. For this is the point of Christmas. I hope to see you at one of our wonder-filled Christmastide services where we will joyfully worship in the beauty of holiness and the excitement of those young and young at heart, where in our historic church, God’s people have now worshipped for 250 years. May your heart and the hearts of those you love be lifted this Christmas. Blessings, joy and peace to all. Hodie, hodie, Christus natus est! Today, today, Christ is born! Alleluia!  



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