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Why each of the next five Sundays are extra special

May 17, 2019

It's an exciting time of year -- just take a look at the extra-special nature of each of the next five Sundays: 

  • This Sunday, May 19th - Shrine Mont Sunday. We welcome special guest Kirk Gibson from Shrine Mont (who is bringing a taste of Shrine Mont for coffee hour!) as we launch registrations for our Columbus Day Weekend all-parish retreat;

  • Sunday, May 26th - Vacation Bible School Sunday, a chance to visit the magical world of Harry Potter and see how we will integrate it with the spiritual formation of our children;

  • Sunday, June 2nd - Congratulations and Thank You Jim Councilor! - Join us for a special Adult Forum/coffee hour to celebrate Jim's (re)retirement and thank him for his years of faithful service to The Falls Church;

  • Sunday, June 9th - Pentecost Sunday -- Children and Youth Service - A wonderful service featuring a youth preacher and children's leadership in worship;

  • Sunday, June 16th - Bishop's Visitation and welcoming of new members: Bishop Susan Goff will be with us to celebrate Confirmations and Receptions, the welcoming of new members, and -- as part of our 250th Celebration -- bless our new vision statement stone out front of the Historic Church.

I hope you're looking forward as much as I am to each of these opportunities to come together as The Falls Church Episcopal, which is

See you Sunday,  John

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