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Stories of hope

We are a welcoming community called to be an enduring beacon of faith, hope, and love

During these difficult times it's uplifting to hear stories about parishioners taking action to improve the lives of people in this community, this nation, and the world. 

Every week we'd like to highlight these stories here.  If you have a story you'd like to share, please email Andy, Kelly, or Casie

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Because everyone likes to hear a good story...
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Update on Let's Breathe

The Allvin Family 

The Allvin Family's Let's Breathe campaign was our very first story of hope back in March, 2020 when Covid-19 landed.  Read here to learn about their amazing organization and it's great success! 

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TFCE Partners with FCS

Dave Raglin & Barb Mantegani

The TFCE Outreach Ministry (with the organization skills of Dave & Barb hosted a food drive) hosted a food drive this past weekend to benefit FCS. Click here to read more about this wonderful events


TFCE Helping in Our Community

Margaret Stromecki

The TFCE Outreach Ministry and our wonderful congregation have been focusing on helping our community during the COVID pandemic. Click here to read more about their efforts.


Our Great Aspiration

Bob McCan

Bob McCan's latest book studies the vision and approach needed in our society to fulfill the prayer of Jesus, "Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."  Click here to read more about his inspirational book.  

Sheeran 1.jpg

3D Printer Making Mask Straps

Doug Sheeran

Doug Sheeran has been running his 3D printer 24/7 to make mask straps for hospital workers.  Click here to learn more! 

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Supporting the SPCA

Lia Gauthier

Learn how 12 year old Lia Gauthier turned her love of photography and nature into a fundraiser to help pets in need during COVID 19. 

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Lake Barcroft's "Mary Mask Makers"

Jan Barrett

Lake Barcroft’s “Mary Mask Makers” are busy making over 300 masks for neighbors and local nursing homes!

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Feathery Houseguests

Danielle Rampton

The Rampton family has some unexpected feathery houseguests during Covid-19! Click here to read more about their new friends.  

Patty Heenan mask.jpg

VA Tech Face Masks 

Patty Heenan

Patty Heenan has taken her love of sewing and Virginia Tech to the next level by making masks to benefit local food banks.  

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Support Local Families in Need

The Jester Family

The Jester Family is leading the drive to collect grocery store gift cards for families in need at Timberlane Elementary.  

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

50 lunches for a local homeless shelter

Brett & Elizabeth Brown

Brett & Elizabeth Brown found a way to help through New Hope Housing and their bagged lunch program.  

Ben Kon 1 IMG_20200429_135740087.jpg

Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry in Alexandria. 

Ben Kong

Kindness, random acts of charity, and a giving spirit abound a the Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry in Alexandria.    


Brownie Troop 50132 donates cookie sales

Kristin Stewart & Lisa Bockelman

Read about how Brownie Troop 50132 took their cookie sales and chose to donate them to a local homeless shelter to help our local community.  


Finishing up Week 11 of Distance Learning

TFCE Families

This week's Story of Hope is all about our families finishing up week 11 of distance learning.  Click here to read more about their hard work! 

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Let's Breathe

The Allvin Family

Here is the story of how the Allvin Family started Let's Breathe, a campaign to make cloth, reusable mask covers for healthcare providers. 

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