organ repair campaign successfully completed!


I am pleased to announce the successful end of our mini capital campaign! The repair to the Historic Church organ is complete and the financial goal has not only been met but surpassed; to date we have received $34,081.45 from our members and friends of the parish. The surplus helps cover some unanticipated extra work which brought the bill up from $30,900 to $33,332.  Bearing in mind that quarterly tunings of just one of our organs costs $581, the remaining funds will doubtlessly be put to quick and good use toward keeping the instrument in tip-top shape.

On behalf of the organ repair committee and music ministry, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for your support. Your contributions helped revitalize this organ and keep it singing for our virtual and – hopefully sooner rather than later – indoor, in-person gatherings. 

 Julie Huang Tucker, Music Director

Organ Stewardship Reflection

Much has been made in recent weeks about the continuing work of this church during a pandemic. We have been able to serve, and to worship, continuously. We had to change the way we meet, but we are meeting. We had to change the way we worship, but we are worshiping. One important aspect of our worship, especially in the Anglican tradition that is our heritage, is raising our voices to God through music. The music program at the Falls Church Episcopal is still going strong, taking our music making to a virtual platform, and recently, back in the sanctuary.

But it is our hope in a faithful God that one day soon we will be able to worship together again as a whole community in person. That day will be one of celebration and triumph. It will be filled with the essential tool of our worship - music. But to get to that day, we have to be prepared. And one of the preparations that we find ourselves in need of undertaking is the necessary restoration of the bedrock of our musical worship in the Historic Church, the Shantz Organ. This magnificent and essential instrument of our worship is in need of updating and repair, so that it can continue to be the centerpiece of our musical life in the Historic Church.

And so it is with a spirit of gratitude for the opportunity to worship with the music that is part of our spiritual life, that we come to you, the parish, to ask for your help in preparing us all for our return to the physical church. Today, we are announcing a campaign for the restoration of the Shantz Organ in the Historic Church. This will be an undertaking that will cost the church $30,000. The repairs will start very soon, taking advantage of the fact that we are not currently using the space. However, we ask the parish to consider what the musical tradition of this church, and of our faith, mean to each of you, and we ask for your financial help to achieve this goal.

We will be announcing further details of the campaign in the days to come, but in the meantime, the church has set up an “Organ Donation” fund that you may contribute to, either on Realm, or by sending a check to the church with the words “Organ Donation” written on memo line. We do this because although we have never stopped worshiping, we look forward to the day when we can worship together, singing and praising God, and doing so with glorious music.

Geoff Kannan

"Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation."

Psalm 95:1

During the pandemic, we have moved our choral music-making to the digital sphere. We create guide tracks for our singers and then collect their individual videos to compile them into a “virtual choir” formation with an approximate 2-week turnaround.  


Anyone who is welcome to join, no prior experience required! All you need are headphones and two electronic devices – one to watch the guide track, and one to record yourself singing into. 


If you’re interested in singing a solo or playing your instrument for an offertory or at another place in our virtual services, that is also a welcome addition to our worship.

Please contact Julie Huang Tucker, Director of Music, for more information:

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