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Pastoral Care

Over the course of our lives we experience many joys and many challenges, and our congregation seeks to be present with each other in all circumstances.  Each Sunday during Holy Communion, specially trained ministers of healing are available for healing prayers for you or on behalf of someone you know who may need prayers for healing, strength, courage, health, or more. Our clergy and specially trained Eucharistic Visitors bring Communion to members of our congregation who are ill or unable to make it to church. Our casserole ministry organizes meals for people during an illness, after a hospital stay, or when a new baby is born. The prayer chain ministry holds people in prayer during times of hardness, illness, or military deployments.  And our clergy are happy to meet with people who are seeking a listening presence or spiritual advice in times of challenge.


If you would like to learn more about Pastoral Care at The Falls Church, please reach out to a member of the clergy: Associate Rector Matthew Dumont-Machowski at

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