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The Falls Church Episcopal has a big campus with a lot of doors…it can actually be pretty confusing!  To get to the Main Sanctuary or the Offices, the best way to access is the doors off East Broad Street, through the parking lot. To get to The Parish Hall or The Day School, there are entrances on East Fairfax Street.  The main entrance to The Historic Church is on South Washington Street.  There are actually 29 exterior doors from 5 major additions to the property over the course of 250 years.


So when you ask, “where’s the entrance to The Falls Church?” you are likely to get a number of different answers.  And that architectural fact has become a central part of the ethos of our congregation.  There are so many different ways to get in; so many different ways to connect at The Falls Church.  And we like it that way!


You can connect with us by reaching out to a staff member with a question or idea you have for one of our ministries.  You could connect by attending one of our newcomer classes led by clergy and lay leaders with some history, some vision, and some laughter all thrown in.  You could attend our joyful Young Family Fellowship for families with pre-school and early elementary aged kids which are usually on the fourth Thursday of the month.  Or you might help cook dinner for the Bailey’s Crossroads Homeless Shelter on the second Sunday of the month. You could come to a formation class or Bible Study, offer your musical talents, or chat with other parents while your kids play on the playground after services.  And you should most definitely check out our coffee hour after church, where there’s lots of food and lots of fellowship.


Whether you’re looking to jump right in or maybe only want to dip your toe, our staff and parish leadership are here to help you find the best way for you to connect at this time and place in your life.  And our life as a community will be richer, deeper, and more fully the Body of Christ because you have joined us. 

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