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Two special things about this Sunday

Friend of The Falls Church Episcopal,

All Sundays are special, but this Sunday in our faith community is extra-special. 

First, this Sunday morning at both services, we inaugurate our “singspiration” initiative to strengthen congregational singing. 

With thanks to those of you already coming early, everyone please make a special point to come at least five minutes early (8:55 or 11:10) this Sunday October 6, because as we’ve shared in last week’s e-news (click here if you missed that announcement or see below), our own Scott Tucker will review some hymns before the service begins, to get you more comfortable and confident with singing out. There will also be more singing a cappella -- without instrumental accompaniment -- so you can get a sense of what your voice is capable of producing when united with others’ voices. 

Singspirtation” is one of several ways we are following up and delivering on this summer’s wider initiative of a renewed emphasis on all three aspects of a vibrant Ministry of Music: excellence in choral music, excellence in organ music, and robust congregational singing. (If you missed our earlier communications about our Ministry of Music, you can read our July communication which contained a detailed summary of our summertime congregational Listening Sessions here, and you can read our August communication summarizing the entire summer’s discernment process here.)

The second way this Sunday is special is that at 5:00 pm, we’re holding our annual Blessing of the Animals service.

This event is a not only a fun time to bring your dog, cat, or other pet to church, but is a great opportunity to share your excitement about your church by inviting a few neighbors or work colleagues (and their pets) to church as well.

The service is outdoors, near the front steps of the Historic Church.

Come early--the always-popular “Squeals on Wheels” petting zoo will be set up at 4:30. Vials of blessed water with take-home blessing cards will be available for those who cannot or prefer not to bring their pets out in public.New this year: this service is also a time when those who are grieving the loss of a beloved pet can bring a photo or other remembrance to Rev. Kelly or Rev. John and receive a quiet blessing and prayer of thanksgiving for the pet's life.

See you Sunday!

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